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A Transportation Revolution 

that will bring us the cities of the future:

dense, green, affordable, safe, resilient

Personal pods that glide at 250 mph on a light, elevated guideway, and go into the heart of cities or hundreds of miles away, at public transit fares. 
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Image: Sidewalk Labs 

Our patented technology revolutionizes transportation, directly contributes to solving housing affordability and long commute times, and indirectly contributes very significantly to reducing carbon emissions.


The new paradigm: Moving one person at a time enables origin-to-destination, non-stop trips for everyone. Small, personal vehicles can be extremely light, and therefore the guideway to support them can be extremely light. A light guideway is cheap and unobtrusive, and can therefore be everywhere, even in the heart of cities. Non-stop trips on very light, streamlined vehicles are very energy-efficient. Energy efficiency and low infrastructure costs result in very low capital and operating expenses. The new paradigm is: fast, cheap, convenient, green, everywhere. 

And if a 15 minute commute (for less than half the cost of driving your car) makes it possible for you to live 60 miles away from downtown, we also have the seed of a green, car-free urbanism revolution. Our new transportation system can replace cars, buses and trains, and enable new urban developments where the cost of land and complications from governments and “NIMBY” citizens are low. Such developments can have a much lower cost of housing, contributing to solving the housing affordability crisis of most large cities in North America. 
















Furthermore, transportation is one of the keys to reducing carbon emissions. We urgently need to bring new transportation technologies to market in order to trigger a cascade effect for a rapid reduction of carbon emissions of as much as 5% of CO2 global emissions reductions in 5 years. Anything that is slower or smaller will fail to move us into the 1.5 C climate change path. If new, dense, energy-efficient, green, car-free developments are created, the carbon footprint of urban spaces and transportation, which in some cases accounts for a third or more of emissions, can be very significantly reduced in a very short time.

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