How are we doing it?

  • Collaboration with federal government (Tren Maya project) to develop Calakmul as a sustainable forestry hub that ensures environmental regeneration and social development. 

  • A secure sales channel for high-value, high-volume products

  • Investment fund to capitalize forestry companies

  • An incubator for forestry companies that provide manufacturing and services

  • High technology protocols to monitor responsible management of forests

  • IT platform to integrate the value chain



​1. Ensure the conservation of the tropical forest: a key ecosystem to mitigate the climate crisis and preserve the genetic biodiversity of the planet


2. Produce sustainable high quality wood, honey and forest products for a growing population


3. Contribute to a process where forests owners receive a fair remuneration so they can be more prosperous



  • 20,000 hectares of forest are lost every day (27 soccer fields per minute)

  • By 2050, global population will reach a peak of 10 billion people

  • 37 million people in Mexico live on less than USD $5 a day

  • 100,000 people migrate from rural Mexico to the United States every year.

Where are we doing it?

The Yucatan peninsula is an ideal place for the integration of large-scale regenerative forestry projects.


With a developed and sustainable forest industry, the Yucatan Peninsula could achieve:

  • Wood and honey revenues for USD $ 1,000 million per year

  • The regeneration and conservation of flora and fauna (jaguar) of 2 million hectares of tropical forest (area equivalent to 15 times Mexico City)

  • Social progress: 6,000 farmer families becoming middle class



For national and international wholesalers:

  • High-value certified products

    • Timber inventory by species and by production year

    • Catalog of manufacturing capabilities

  • Integration of the producer ecosystem in one single channel

  • Monitoring of management plans with IoT and blockchain


For forest owners:

  • Guaranteed purchases of raw material at fair prices

  • Effective management of red-tape processes 

  • Social and environmental development programs


For manufacturing companies:

  • Development of business skills and products for the global market

  • Investment capital for infrastructure

  • Guaranteed purchases of products at fair prices


For venture capital syndicates:

  • Access to a portfolio of sustainable companies with competitive market returns

  • Stage 1: Yucatán (2 million hectares)

  • Stage 2: Central and South America (30 million hectares)


For forests and fauna:

  • Large-scale ecosystem regeneration

Keystone Forestry Platform

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