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We are taking the lead to promote these solutions to our govs, 


We are an impact investment syndicate (the syndicate gets 1% of sales to our city, we use it for collective proyects)


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These are the US$1T projects we want to build in our city:

  • Green Housing no subsidy, 30% cheaper 

  • Green Transportation

  • Public space projects 

If you can comply with manifiesto principles, sign in and we will promote your product through all our means (government, social media, private companies, friends) 

We are a citizen impact investment club, our broker fee is 5%  (K takes 1%)


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We believe a new development should help the whole city become as good as it can be. We believe that a dream district that sounds too good to be true is possible, and is simply the result of good design. All the elements of such a district already exist somewhere else. We just have to design them and build them into this one. 


1) No Big Brother. We don’t want to be under surveillance for the benefit of a large corporation. We don’t need to give up our privacy in order to get good urban design. We don’t want technology for the sake of technology. A new development should address the problems of Toronto and not create new ones.


2) Simple solutions to complex problems. The design does not have to be made by all the people in Toronto, but the needs of all the people in Toronto should be the agenda that guides the design. 


3) 100% Affordable. Housing should not just be initially affordable for a small segment, but should be affordable all the time, and for a representative mix of our population. No gentrification, ever. The cost of doing business and the cost of living a good life should not be so high that they drive people away from our city. They should be low enough that they attract the best talent and investment to our city.


4) 100% Walkable. Year-round, safe and easy to walk from anywhere to and from the nearest transit stop. No street crossings, no vehicle emissions, no car accidents. 100% of public space is parks for people and not streets for cars or robot cars. 


5) 100% Access to transit. A station never more than 200 meters away, and no station farther away than a 5 minute commute to Union Station. 


6) Sustainable. Zero carbon footprint (carbon neutral). Zero air pollution. Zero water pollution, water and energy self-sufficient. All green. Flood-resilient (not flood resistant). Zero garbage. 


7) Good jobs for all its inhabitants. A true world-class hub of entrepreneurship in leading-edge technologies. Attract world class talent and investment to create world class jobs and unrivaled productivity. 


8) Great urban infrastructure. Fun, healthy and safe place to be and live. Interesting things to see and do. Beautiful buildings and public spaces. Great views. Inspiring architecture. 


9) Dynamic and evolving. A rigidly-designed city fails. Good cities are part planning and part chaos. Amazing cities are timeless, evolve on their own from sound principles, and change constantly. Let’s lay out the best principles and let the new town evolve. Buildings never match their blueprints perfectly. A master plan is obsolete on day one. Recipes are better than blueprints, but for a district that will be built over 20 years, recipes are not good enough. We need sound basic principles that will guide, not rule, the design and will let an amazing town emerge and evolve. 


It would be a dream neighborhood. And it may sound too good to be true. But all we need is good design. All the elements of what we want already exist somewhere. Participatory, ongoing and continuous design, engaging the people and the best designers can get us there. Big Brother cannot.



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